Small Groups

Small Groups

At Camden Nazarene, we believe that the Christian life is best lived when participating within the community of believers. Discipleship ministries exist to allow one another to not only connect with the word of God, but to connect with one another.

Discipleship classes meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am. There are classes for all ages. Classes for children consists of lessons and activities. Adult classes range from lecture style to a discussion driven format. We look forward to seeing  you in Sunday School!
Kids Ministry: 

Location: Nursery, Room 101
Age Group: 0-2
Teachers: Alice Williams

Location: Education 103
Age Group: 3-5
Teachers: Kim Vincent

Location: Education 105
Teacher: Terri Cotton
Age Group: Grades 1-2

Location: Education 107
Teacher: Tina Vincent
Age Group: Grades 3-4

Location: Education 108
Teacher: Stephanie Johnson
Age Group: Grades 5-6

Students Ministries:

Jr. and Sr. High:
Location: Student Ministries Center, Room 110
Teacher: Brandon Watts
Age Group: Grades 7-12


Young Adult:
Location: Education 100
Teacher: Pastor Scott Crandall & Phillip Hudson
Age Group: 22+
Format: Discussion

Location: Education 106
Teacher: Donnie Vincent
Age: 55+
Format: Discussion/Video Based

Bible Class:
Location: Education 102
Age Group: 50+
Teacher: Sandi McLeod